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Remove surface stains and leave your teeth feeling “tongue-licking” smooth in as few as ten minutes. Quickly improve your smile and add a sparkle to your appearance!

  • Leaves your teeth looking glossy and feeling smooth
  • Removes surface stains
  • 5 to 10 minute treatment duration


POLISHED The Dental Spa is proud to provide a wonderful yet effective in-office teeth whitening service. Our staff provides a comfortable setting to safely whiten your teeth.

  • No gimmicks, just the strongest whitening agent on the market
  • Fantastic results in as little as one treatment
  • 20 to 40 minute service


POLISHED The Dental Spa is proud to offer cleanings to our clients. Love getting your teeth professionally cleaned but hate the waiting room? Our cleaning is for you!

  • Having your teeth professionally cleaned helps to prevent disease, bad breath, and the accumulation of stain
  • Includes a Polish!
  • 20 to 30 minute service duration


POLISHED The Dental Spa makes it easy and affordable to straighten your teeth. See if invisible aligners are right for you!

  • Invisible Aligners
  • Free consultations with our Dentists to determine if you are a candidate
  • Some clients require as little as four months of treatment


Monthly Get POLISHED Membership Dues $30*

*Earns one Polish per month and access to Preferential Member Prices

Additional services

  • Straighten
  • Member
  • $30
  • $95
  • $75
  • $195 per aligner
  • Non-Member
  • $35
  • $145
  • $95
  • $250 per aligner

Why Polished ?

POLISHED The Dental Spa polishes, whitens, and cleans your teeth at dental, clinic-level quality.

  • Services in 30 minutes or less
  • Walk-ins always welcome
  • 7 days a week
  • Beautiful spa setting

Membership Info

POLISHED The Dental Spa is here to partner with you on getting and maintaining the beautiful smile. This is why we’ve created the Get POLISHED Membership Program.

Get POLISHED provides members access to preferential pricing and a Polish per month – the ideal package for improving your smile. Our memberships program enhances your smile with Whitening and Cleaning services on your terms, with a monthly Polish to maintain the caliber smile you deserve.

Life’s got you busy, or work’s got you halfway across the world? No worries – your $30 monthly membership fee earns you a Polish a month that rolls over. Feeling generous? Let a family member – or a friend – take up to four of your Polishes each year.

Get POLISHED and indulge your smile today!

Membership Include

  • One Polish service per month
  • Whitening and Cleaning Services at low membership rate (unlimited)
  • Access at any of our locations